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3 Reasons To Choose Your Courses With The Help Of An Education Agent

Reason #1 – Access To World Class Education

An internationally renowned, career changing qualification is not something you can find in any country in the world. Many students don’t have access to the same level of education offered in Australia. Australia is home to some of the best universities and colleges in the world and the fact that Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination in the world is testament to the education students receive. An Australian qualification is life changing and has the ability to open up an abundance of career options around the world.

Reason #2 – Formulating A Clear Pathway To PR

The Australian visa system is complex, confusing and difficult to navigate. This makes it extremely difficult for many to formulate an effective plan to achieve PR and often results in students wasting time, effort and money on a course that doesn’t allow them to achieve their long-term goals.

Active Study specialises in finding courses and education providers that not only give you a world-class education, but also help you to achieve your goal of PR. We provide you with a clear, easy to understand, step-by-step PR plan that is personalised to your circumstances. You can rest easy knowing you’re on the right track and not wasting your time, effort or money on a course that won’t fulfill your needs.

Reason #3 – Advice & Assistance With Your GTE Statement

The Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion (GTE) is the number one reason for student visa refusals and something that must be perfect when applying for a Student Visa in Australia. The GTE criterion is governed by complex immigration legislation which can be difficult to interpret by even some of the brightest legal minds. The criteria is largely subjective, leaving it up to the interpretation of a Department of Immigraiton Case Officer. It is imperative that you get your GTE Statement right when applying for a student visa.

Active Study have learnt the craft of writing a watertight GTE statement personalised for international students. We write GTE statements for our clients as part of our Comprehensive Student Visa service, taking the stress and confusion out of the equation. Our GTE statements are comprehensive (usually 10-15 pages long) ensuring we have addressed all required legislative requirements to give you the best chance of success with your Student Visa application.

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