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Australian Student Visa requirements

Requirements for Australian International Student Visa

As an international student, you’ll need to purchase Australian health insurance and provide evidence that you can support yourself and your dependants in order to get your visa subclass 500. In addition to paying for your visa fee, you must have the minimum amount of money to cover your living expenses as prescribed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 

You must choose one of the registered courses and enrol for full-time study.

A registered course is a professional training or education program listed in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – CRICOS. 

You need to prove that your intention is to stay in Australia only temporarily and that you are planning to return to your own country or travel elsewhere after the studies.

During the assessment which should establish whether you fulfil this requirement, several factors will be considered, including your immigration history, your situation in your home country, the contribution of the study program to your future career outside Australia. There might be additional matters that will be considered in relation to the temporary entrant requirement.

In order to study in Australia, you need to prove that you are able to pay all the travel, tuition and living expenses. If you are accompanied by a partner and/or children, you need to show that you are able to cover their expenses too, even if they will be staying in your home country throughout your studies.

Here is the minimum amount of money expressed in Australian dollars which you need to have in order to get a Student Visa below. Keep in mind that living costs might be even higher. 

  • Travel costs: the cost of an airline ticket from your home country to Australia 
  • Tuition fees: the full amount of your tuition fee for one year of your study; children who are between 5 and 18 years old need to have $8,296 per annum.
  • Living costs: you need to show that you have at least $21,014 for the first year. If you have a partner, you need to have an additional $7,360 per year, and add another $3,152 for each child.

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and it requires some medical tests in order to grant a visa to foreign citizens. This is essential to maintain the high standards and ensure that all visa holders will have adequate healthcare while studying in Australia.

One of the key requirements for the student visa is having a valid Overseas Student Health Cover. Your visa will only be valid for the time covered by the insurance, and you can purchase it from our partner Allianz.

Even though each education institution in Australia has its own language requirements, you need to meet the minimum standard in order to get your student visa and provide the test results with your application, unless you are attending an ELICOS English language course.

Each applicant must submit the ‘Character Declaration’ which is a part of the visa application. Being of good character is essential to be able to qualify for any Australian visa, and the assessment may include police checks.

All applicants that are over 18 years old need to show their commitment to Australian values that respect for freedom and dignity of an individual, freedom of religion, respect for rule of law and democracy, equal opportunities, tolerance, compassion and recognising English as the national language. You need to sign the Australian Values Statement and lodge it with your visa application.

Australian Student Visa Sub Class 500 Applications

Australian Student Visa Applications Are VERY Particular. Talk To Us Today!

Subclass Visa 500 applications can be very confusing to complete alone. Even if you do feel confident about applying yourself, it’s always better to consult with the professionals before you commit to anything. The team at Active Study has many years’ experience of helping international students make successful visa applications. Why not book a chat today to find out how we can help you?

Many of our previous clients have been kind enough to leave us some very glowing testimonials with regards to the quality of our services. Our reputation for excellence extends far and wide. We pride ourselves on providing real results for our clients, always answering their questions along the way. We understand that applying for and waiting for a decision on a visa application is stressful. That’s why we do all that we can to make the process as easy as possible for you!

We can take the stress out of the application process and help you prepare documents, fill the application, pay for the Australian visa fee and submit everything on time. Visa 500 is one of the easiest ones to get, but you need to meet all the requirements and prepare the right documents to support your application. Let us guide you every step of the way!

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Student Visa 500

What Visa Do You Need To Study In Australia? Subclass 500 – Student Visa

You must have a 500 Student Visa to study in Australia, regardless of your field of study or qualification. This visa will allow students to study: English (ELICOS), Certificates I, II, III & IV, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters & Doctorates. Studying in Australia allows students to obtain internationally recognised qualifications whilst experiencing the diverse culture and beautiful sights that Australia has to offer.

What's My Assessment Level?

In the student visa program, there are five assessment levels. They serve to bring into line the visa requirements to the immigration risk posed by applicants from a particular country studying in a particular education sector. While the first assessment level shows the lowest immigration risk rates, the last level is associated with the highest risks. The higher the rates, the stronger the evidence you need to provide to support your claims for a student visa to be granted.

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