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We Help You Find The Best Courses for International Students In Australia With Good PR Prospects

Australia is home to many world-class colleges and universities. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect one to study at, it can be rather difficult! Thankfully, we are here to take some of the hard work out of finding the course that will suit you and your requirements.

Our team has first-hand experience in the Australian education system. We understand the various challenges that come with studying full time and choosing courses in Australia. We have the tools necessary to guide you during this exciting stage of your life. With our help, the course you choose will play a huge part in your future.


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We Can List Your Options To Help You Choose The Right PR Course in Australia

Many courses for international students can help you gain both the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to find a job in Australia. From English courses to vocational and education training or bachelor, master and PhD studies, there are a wide range of options. Whether you want to study and return to your country or work towards permanent residency, we can help you find some of the best courses in Australia for international students and assist you in selecting options that are suitable for you.

Correct course selection is a significant choice for a student to make. Although many students will have a good idea about which course or in which field they would like to study it is often the case that they are not fully aware of all the courses available to them.

It is important to select a course and university that provides you with the best career opportunities going forward. The costs associated with tuition, living and travel abroad have the potential to be wasted if course selection is not well thought out. Active Study believe in having a plan from the outset, something our team can help you develop.

You can also see the Skilled Occupation List outlined by the department of Home Affairs

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We Offer FREE Course Enrolment & Support For International Students

Australia’s education system allows you to choose between many different levels and easily switch from one to another while earning credits along the way. Even if you are not sure which subject you want to study, there are great courses you can start with. English courses for international students are a popular choice for anyone who wants to learn the language first. Since Australian English is different from both British and American, one of the short English courses might come in handy before you decide to enrol with a bachelor, master, or any other program. You can also kick-start with a foundation course that will introduce you to the general subject and help you pick a more tailored program. Best of all, you can use the credits you earn towards another study program in Australia. Courses for international students are not as expensive as in other countries such as the UK or the USA, and you are bound to have a wonderful cultural experience and get your chance to move to this beautiful country permanently.  

Let us help you by providing you with a completely free of charge course enrolment service. We understand that coming to a new country to study can be pretty daunting. We want you to look forward to this exciting, life-changing time of your life. We provide our course enrolment services for free so that you can concentrate on preparing yourself for your studies and for coming to Australia. Let’s work together to get you started on the course of your choice!

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