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5 Essential Preparation Steps For International Students

Step #1 – Get an Australian SIM for your phone

When arriving in Australia you can buy yourself an Australian SIM card so you can contact your family and friends back home. The cheapest way to get yourself communicating is to bring your own unlocked phone and buy a sim card on arrival. There are phone shops at most airports and in all shopping centres.

Step #2 – Apply for a tax file number

A Tax File Number is required if you intend to gain income from employment. It is a nine-digit number issued to individuals to help the Australian Tax Office (ATO) administer tax and other Australian Government systems. The ATO advises applicants to register online: You need to:

1 – have a valid overseas student visa allowing you to work, and
2 – be in Australia when you lodge your application

Step #3 – Health Insurance

It is a requirement of your student visa to have health insurance for the duration of your visa in case you require medical attention during your studies. Active Study will help you apply for health insurance as part of our service. We are up to date on the best and cheapest health insurance to ensure you get value for money.

Step #4 – Accommodation

Once you have confirmed where you will be studying, you can look for accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

On Campus: Most universities have comfortable and furnished apartment-style living on campus. Campus living can be a great option to minimise travel.
Rental: You can rent or ‘lease’ a property by yourself or with friends. This can be done through a real estate agent or privately.

Step #5 – Opening a bank account

Keeping money in a bank and using bank cards and credit cards are common practices in Australia. Internet banking is also used extensively to pay bills online. Once you arrive, visit your international student advisor at your university who will help you open a bank account. Banks may require different forms of identification so it’s best to check their website before visiting.

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