An overview of Australian Education Systems

An Overview of Australian Education System – Why Study in Australia?

Top-level education, excellent standards of living and fantastic career prospects are some of the main reasons why students from all over the world are flocking to Australia. This country produces the most sought-after workforce because its reputable education institutions are preparing their students for the job market. Here is what makes this system so successful and why you should choose to study in Australia.

Multiple Levels of Education

From fantastic undergraduate and postgraduate programs to technical and vocational training, there are many different options to choose from when you decide to study in Australia. International students can also enrol in language courses or short foundation courses that will give them a clearer idea of the career they want to pursue in Australia. Instead of studying a traditional bachelor’s degree program, you can choose a course under Vocational Education and Training (VET) or under Technical and Further Education (TAFE). These programs give you practical knowledge and skills you can use for work. Established in 1995, the Australian Qualification Framework includes ten levels and connects them into one system while allowing you great flexibility in career planning.

Course Credits & International Study in Australia

Best of all, the Australian education system allows you to earn course credits that you can use towards achieving your career goals. Whatever you study, it will never be a wasted time. You can use the credits to enrol with another program and build on what you’ve already studied. For example, if you choose a foundation course because you can’t decide which study program is the best for you, you can later use the credits towards achieving your bachelor’s degree or any other program you select.

A Mix of Theory & Practical Knowledge

Australian education institutions provide a fruitful combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. You’ll learn everything you need to know about a topic you choose and gain skills you can use when you start working in the industry you selected. Additionally, you can be very flexible when planning your future career as you can easily move from one education level to another.

Becoming Job-Ready

As an international student, you can tailor your studies in Australia to achieve a successful career. You are free to select a study field that can get you straight to the job market after finishing the course. It is essential that you get to know your talents and interests first to be able to assess your potentials and pick an industry field. With VET and TAFE qualification you can become job-ready fast, while the master and doctoral study programs can get you better-paid positions within certain fields.

Your Pathway Towards Permanent Residency

Once you become a qualified worker skilled to do one of the in-demand jobs, you have a clear pathway to permanent residency and Australian citizenship. If this is your primary goal, then focus on professions that are on the skilled occupation list, and opt for a study program that will take you to the job market faster.

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