Application Tips for Student Visas (Subclass 500)

A student visa is a perfect gateway to Australia. Depending on the type and length of the course you choose, you might get permission to stay for up to 5 years. Best of all, after obtaining your degree, your chances to permanently settle in the country will dramatically rise.

Find the Right Course

To get a student visa 500, you need to enrol with a full-time course, and you need to be accepted by one of the recognised educational institutions in Australia. Your application will be considered if you have been accepted at the school or university and received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Prove that You Have Adequate Funds

Successful applicants will have to show evidence that they can cover tuition fees as well as costs of living and travelling expenses. You have to be able to pay for one year of living expenses for yourself and family members if they are accompanying you.

Provide Evidence of English Language Proficiency

Before you start with the application process, you need to study the requirements for the visa subclass 500. Unless you are holding a passport issued by the UK, USA, NZ or Republic of Ireland, you will have to show some proof that you speak English. Students who have been studying in English for at least five years (in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or the Republic of Ireland) are exempted from taking the test. You need to have a minimum of 5.5 IELTS score or 45 TOEFL score, but some other testing systems are recognised as well.

Purchase Adequate Health Insurance

Make sure you obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the whole duration of your studies in Australia. It is the only valid health insurance, and it has to start from the day you arrive (not from the day your course begins). You don’t need OSHC if you have Norwegian, Swedish or Belgian insurance.

Explain Why You are a Genuine Temporary Entrant

The Australian student visa is intended for individuals who wish to return home after completing their studies even though there are plenty of opportunities to extend your stay after obtaining your degree. You need to lodge in a statement that explains why you are a GTE (genuine temporary entrant) which should include information about your previous studies, employment history, your immigration history, ties in Australia and other details.

How to Extend Your Stay in Australia?

Do you want to stay in Australia longer? Student visa 500 is the entry ticket which opens many doors. If you obtain a degree relevant to professions on the skilled occupation list, you can easily extend your stay right after you’ve graduated. You can also go back home and return as a skilled migrant. There are different types of visas you can apply for after finishing your studies:

  • Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 visa
  • Skilled Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 visa
  • General Skill Migration (GSM) Subclass 189 visa
  • Subclass 190 visa
  • Subclass 489 visa
  • Subclass 491 visa
  • Subclass 494 visa

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