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How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Professors as an International Student

Building strong relationships with your professors as an international student can provide valuable mentorship, academic guidance, and networking opportunities. Here are our top tips for building strong relationships with your professors as an international student:

  1. Attend office hours: Attend office hours or schedule appointments with your professors to ask questions, discuss assignments, or seek feedback on your work.
  2. Participate in class: Participate in class by asking questions, contributing to discussions, or sharing your insights or experiences.
  3. Communicate clearly: Communicate clearly with your professors by using professional language, being respectful, and following their instructions or guidelines.
  4. Show your interest: Show your interest in the subject matter by doing additional research, asking for recommended readings or resources, or sharing your ideas or perspectives.
  5. Seek out mentorship: Seek out mentorship from your professors by asking for their advice, guidance, or recommendations on academic or career matters.
  6. Attend academic events: Attend academic events or conferences with your professors to learn more about the field and connect with other professionals.
  7. Work on research projects: Work on research projects or other academic initiatives with your professors to gain valuable skills and experience and build your resume.
  8. Express gratitude: Express gratitude to your professors by thanking them for their help, guidance, or support, and acknowledging their contributions to your academic success.
  9. Be professional: Be professional in your interactions with your professors by following the academic rules and guidelines, respecting their time and resources, and avoiding any behavior that could harm your professional relationship.
  10. Stay in touch: Stay in touch with your professors after the semester or program ends by sending updates on your academic or professional progress, asking for references or recommendations, or seeking further mentorship.

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