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Whether you are looking to develop a clear pathway to Permanent Residency or simply want access to a world-class education, Active Study will help you study in Australia and achieve your goals.

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Are you looking for PR or to expand your career opportunities at home, or simply to buy yourself time while exploring this beautiful country?

We can show you how to turn your mediocre study plan into a results driven strategy that will change your life. Book your study consultation today and see for yourself.

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Australia is truly a land of opportunity. Active Study has helped pave the way to study for so many international students. We have helped students from Malaysia and all over the world to successfully achieve their study goals in Australia. We look forward to helping you to do the same.

We will guide you throughout every step of the process from start to finish. Our Certified Education Agents and Registered Migration Agents have a wealth of experience and expertise in ensuring positive study experiences for our clients. Get in touch today to begin your journey to building the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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You may have been thinking of studying in Australia for a while or perhaps this is something you know nothing about and would like to find out more. Whatever your situation, our Education Agents will work with you to establish a clear and concise plan to suit your needs. We are proud of the world-class education Australia has to offer and want to ensure this education is available to students from Malaysia and across the globe.    

We actively welcome all questions and enquiries about studying in Australia. To take your first step towards an incredible study experience, just get in touch.

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international study in australia

We Offer Free Advice About International Study In Australia

Studying in Australia as an international student is a rewarding, life-enriching experience. In fact, the country has become one of the most sought-after study destinations for Spanish students. It’s no wonder as Australia has the most beautiful natural sights to see. If you’re attracted to the laid back beach-going lifestyle, you cannot imagine a better country to study in. In addition to this, Australia boasts some of the best universities in the world. So, if you’d love to find out more, just get in touch today to begin your new journey.

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International Studies Can Be Enriching & Rewarding

As a prospective international student you may be wondering what to study in Australia. It is a common question that we get and our education agents are well-equipped with the most up-to-date information about studying in Australia. We can help you through the process from selecting universities, enrolling in courses and then preparing a student visa application. Book a free chat with an education agent to start your journey to study in Australia

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Some of the Courses available for international students

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