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Popular Courses in Australia for International Students in 2020

Ask any international student who has studied in Australia if it was worth it and you’ll receive a resounding “Yes!” Throughout our years in business we have successfully helped thousands of international students from all over the world to realise their dreams of studying here. And, its no wonder because Australia is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting destinations on earth in terms of both lifestyle and quality  education. In fact, international students are making the country their destination of choice. So much so that Australia is now one of the foremost places to study for international students.

Our universities are considered as some of the best. You might not have known it, but six Australian universities have recently made the list of the top ones in the world! What’s also really exciting is that there are so many new courses and programs that are available to enrol in. This is great news as there is sure to be one that will appeal to you if you’re an international student. With this in mind, let’s take a look!


If you’re excited about learning all about the world around you and have the aptitude for passing this information on to others, then education and teaching could be exactly what you’re looking for. The great thing about education is that there are so many areas of study to concentrate on. If you love art and design, perhaps teaching in this area is for you. If you’re great with numbers and always know exactly what’s what in your bank account, maybe Mathematics will be more your thing.

Whatever subject you enjoy and excel in, you can use your current knowledge and build on it to become a great teacher! Teachers are in steady demand in Australia. It is such a rewarding yet challenging  profession. Working with children, teenagers and young adults or even more mature students will also certainly increase your prospects of getting your PR. In fact, after successful completion of a higher degree in teaching or education, international students are welcome to apply for PR.

The teaching jobs on the skills lists are Vocational Education Teacher, University Lecturer, Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher, Special Needs Teacher, Primary School Teacher and Secondary School Teacher.

Cyber Security

Among the courses in Australia for international students that stand out as the best, ones in cyber security are right up there. Studying cyber security will equip you with the know-how and skills necessary to work in a connected world ensuring that online and computerised information critical to organisations is secure at all times.

You will learn how to protect the information systems of an organisation fully and adequately. This profession is one that is highly sought after in Australia because everything and everyone is online nowadays with vast amounts of sensitive information being stored. Graduates are, therefore, extremely employable, particularly ones who have a degree in cyber security.

Graduates in this discipline are extremely employable, enjoying careers as cyber security coordinators, analysts, technical project managers, consultants, technical advisors and more! A career in cyber security will provide you with a reasonable opportunity to obtain PR in Australia. In some cases, the 457 visa may be applicable. Additionally, cyber security-related occupations are within the Short-Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL).

Occupational Therapy

As a society, Australians are strong believers in the inclusion and social and physical merging of people who are differently abled. For this reason, there are lots of opportunities for occupational therapy graduates in various settings. If you love helping others while enjoying a stimulating, rewarding and challenging career, you will likely succeed in this field of applied science.

There are numerous outcomes to choose from when you study in this field. You could opt to work in various settings including the disability, community and health sectors. There could also be opportunities for work in not for profit organisations, home care, local council, kindergartens, schools, aged care facilities, primary health centres, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and more.

Occupational therapy is one of the best courses for PR in Australia today. In fact, the SOL list it as an occupation that’s in shortage currently. So, if you are an international student with an interest and aptitude in this area, you will be made very welcome!

Laboratory Medicine

If you’re scientifically minded and you love problem solving as much as you want to help others, then a Laboratory Medicine course could suit you. After completing your studies, you’ll be performing crucial tests on tissues, blood and other fluids in the lab. You will play a critical role in a healthcare setting. You’ll be working with specialists and physicians, reporting data and providing test results.

Laboratory Medicine graduates are in huge demand in Australia. Additionally, this course is accredited by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS). What is great about this area of study is that you are actively helping others where there is currently a skill shortage. Once you graduate you can apply for positions such as Medical Researcher, Biomedical Scientist, Pathologist and more.

When you complete a course from any AIMS university accredited course, it can lead to a positive Skill Assessment from that body. Also, this profession is listed on the Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and it’s possible to qualify for a Permanent Residency Visa (Visa Subclass 189). Going down this route, there will be no requirement for regional or state sponsoring.

To begin your Australian education journey or to just have an informal chat about your hopes for the future, speak to our team at Active Study today. We specialise in free course enrolment for international students and with thousands of education providers to choose from, we can make finding the right one so much easier. Our team is skilled, professional and approachable. Our Registered Migration Agents and Certified Education Agents have all the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure your student visa application is successful. We look forward  to meeting you and to helping you plan your best route forward.

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