Top 10 Most Popular Courses for International Students in Australia

Are you considering studying in Australia? Did you know that student visa significantly increases your chances for successful immigration? Offering first-class education and inspirational environment for students, this is one of the top destinations for internationals from all corners of the globe. If you obtain a degree in one of the popular fields of science, it will be easy to get employment and permanent residency. We give you the list of 10 most popular courses in Australia for international students that are sure to open up a wealth of opportunities!

Engineering & Technology

From chemical and mechanical engineering to nanotechnology and aerospace engineering or food technology and mining, there are a lot of professions that fall into this category. All of them are in high demand, which means it will be easy to find a job and stay in Australia permanently.

Computer Science & IT

You probably know that computer science engineers and IT experts are in high demand worldwide. If this is your preferred field of study, choose one of the courses in Australia to make sure you get an excellent education and great career opportunities.

Tourism & Hospitality

The most popular courses for international students also include different areas of the tourism and hospitality industry. It is one of Australia’s major industries, and you can find great courses at all study levels. Ecotourism and wine tourism are incredibly popular, so consider focusing on these branches to find the best jobs.

Business & Management

Business and management have always been attractive fields of study because Australian business schools are internationally acclaimed. Management of information technology is one of the most popular courses over the past years.


A degree in accountancy opens a lot of doors for international students. Jobs in tax and management accountancy are in demand right now, which means you can easily find employment. Alternatively, you can continue your studies and aim for high paying accountant jobs.

Environmental Studies

Combining natural and social science, environmental studies in Australia are focused on sustainable resource management and environmental conservation. This is one of the best countries in the world to engage in environmental studies and make an outstanding career.

Health & Medicine

Australia has some of the best courses in health and medicine the world has to offer. Considering the high employment rates and rapidly rising demand for professionals across all branches of medicine, it is one of the best options for international students who want to settle in Australia.  


Since almost all higher education institutions offer law courses for international students, it is easy to find a program that suits your specific needs. Famous for excellent teaching and degrees that are recognised worldwide, Australian universities attract law students from all continents.


Obtain a degree in architecture and you are bound to have excellent career prospects and a generous salary in Australia. Whether you prefer residential or commercial architecture, there will be plenty of jobs to choose from, mainly because this industry is evolving due to environmental challenges in Australia.

Arts & Humanities

With fascinating nature, rich cultural heritage and top-class universities, Australia is a very inspirational place to study arts and humanities. This broad field includes everything from anthropology and media studies to visual and performing arts.

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