Top 5 Courses with Excellent PR Prospects in Australia

International students come to study in Australia from all over the world. It’s no wonder because Australia is an incredibly attractive country to study, live and work in. Australia is also enduringly popular with international students mainly due to its safety, multicultural society, excellent universities and career choices as well as the open and stable economy. Add this to the fact that Australia has some of the most unspoilt, rugged and beautiful landscapes in the world and it’s easy to figure out why it’s the country of choice for thousands of international students every year. Taking everything into account, let’s take a look at the top 5 Australian courses with excellent Permanent Residency prospects.


Engineers qualified in various disciplines are in strong demand in Australia on an annual basis. Areas in need include Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering among others. When it comes to securing a PR visa, it’s usually relatively straightforward if you’re an international student who is an engineering graduate with the relevant fieldwork experience.


Healthcare is a sector that’s always in need of qualified personnel throughout Australia. Nursing, in particular, is an area with many stable opportunities for international students. Good nurses are needed due to rapid technical developments in the sector as well as because of the ageing population.


Travel and tourism is a thriving sector in Australia as you will no doubt imagine. Consequently, there is always a consistent demand for hospitality sector professionals. International students who have a love of baking, cooking or hotel management could make a strong career for themselves after studying in Australia. Taking a look at the Skilled Occupation list, you’ll find jobs including chef, restaurant and hotel managers, pastry cooks, club managers, hospitality managers and more.

Social Work

Australian social work courses are some of the best in the world so it’s no wonder that they attract students from all over the globe! An attractive aspect of studying social work is that there are so many available fields of study including psychiatry, psychology, health and welfare and more. Additionally, a career in this field is perfect for students who are keen to help others.

Teaching and Education

For potential students who are interested in teaching and education, it’s possible to apply for PR in Australia after a course is completed. There is a wide range of choices of courses available to suit differing needs and abilities. These can lead on to professions such as Primary and Secondary Teacher, Vocational Education teacher, Special Needs teacher, Pre-Primary teacher, English teacher for non-native speakers and University lecturer. No matter your specific talents and hopes for the future, Australia welcomes international students from all walks of life. To begin your new journey, speak to our team for a free phone consult today.

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