top 5 industries to have the most jobs by 2025

Top 5 Industries to have The Most Jobs by 2025

If you are not sure which courses in Australia will open up the best career opportunities, understanding the changes in the job market can help. Due to the rapid development of AI technologies, many professions will be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence in the future. When choosing a field of study, you should avoid industries that are in decline or tend to require less and less human labour. Although it is difficult to predict which types of skills and knowledge are worth investing in, it is possible to predict which professions will be in high demand by 2025.

1 – Healthcare

With a growing ageing population, Australia is going to need even more healthcare professionals in the future. There is a steady growth in demand for doctors, nurses, aged and disabled carers, and physiotherapists. Some of the most popular courses for international students include nursing, physiotherapy, medicine and public health. To get a visa subclass 500, you need to find a study program at one of the registered education institutions.

2 – Education

The demand for qualified educators keeps growing too! Australian student visa could lead you towards permanent residency if you choose one of the increasingly popular study fields in this sector. There will be more and more jobs for diploma qualified childcare educators, university lecturers in the international sector and primary school teachers in math and science.  

3 – Construction

If you are looking for courses in Australia for international students that will secure your student visa 500 and future career, the construction industry is a safe bet. While many low-skilled workers will be replaced by machines, educated and highly skilled professionals will have more offers to choose from. It is expected that construction managers, civil engineers, concreters, electricians and plumbers will be in high demand over the next five years.

4 – IT

With the rapid development of technology, there will be a constant demand for experts in the IT sector everywhere in Australia. New technologies such as AI, smart devices and drones will be even more accessible, which means that some skills and knowledge in IT will be a must. You’ll most certainly be able to find a job as an application and software programmer, ICT manager or ICT support technician. You can find plenty of IT-related courses for international students at universities and educational institutions across Australia.

5 – Environment

Due to climate changes and increasing need for ecological and sustainable solutions, the environment industry is steadily growing in Australia. From organic farming to renewable energy, there will be endless job opportunities for a wide range of professionals in this increasingly competitive sector. A combination of knowledge, practical skills and experience is bound to open fantastic career opportunities.

If you are planning to study in Australia and eventually work your way to permanent settlement, it is essential to know which industries have better prospects. It will be much easier to get a job if you get skills that will be in demand by the time you obtain your degree. You should look for suitable Vocational Education and Training Programs if you are aiming for medium-skilled jobs or Undergraduate programs if you are targeting high skilled jobs. Postgraduate degrees such as master’s degree or doctorate will take much longer to obtain, but they will help you find jobs that require very high professional skills.

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