Top Tips For Studying in Australia as an International Student

If you’re considering travelling to ­Australia to study, you’ve no doubt been searching for lots of information to help you make your decision. Moving to a whole new country can be scary. Australia is massive, so there are lots of unknowns. Having said that, the best way to get to know a place is to spend some time there. There are no books, websites or even people who can tell you more about a country than you can find out by living there. However, there are plenty of tips we can give you before you begin your studies to help you to enjoy your new life and studies in the land down under.

Apply In Plenty of Time

If you’re ready to begin studying in Australia, it’s best to apply to educational establishments months before the beginning of term time. You see, you need to leave yourself plenty of time to apply, be accepted and then to take care of everything else. Have a look at the website of your chosen place of study to find out the application deadline as well as the start date of your chosen course.

Arrange Your Visa

Academic stays in Australia of more than three months are done on a student visa. So, even though you’ll be remarkably busy making arrangements to move to Australia, you’ll need to remember to arrange this. Student visas are pretty easy to get after you’ve been accepted on your course. It’s possible to even apply for these online or we can help you through the whole process from beginning to end. We have provided free of charge guidance, advice and practical solutions to individuals on the pathway to international study in Australia for many years. Throughout this time, we have arranged countless student visas, so are happy to help you in any way we can.

Overseas Student Health Cover

All international students (and their children under 18 and spouse) who come to Australia, must arrange OSHC. This is crucial so you have cover for visits to the doctor, ambulance cover, some medicines and some hospital treatment. Each OSHC insurer will provide different products, so you should take a look at everything that’s available on the market. If you would like some help and guidance with this, our Certified Education Agents are a completely free resource for international students.

Think About Finances

Although there is limited financial aid for international students studying in Australia, you can always apply for a scholarship. In addition, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and full-time hours during vacations on a student visa. Also, all people who work in Australia are paid a living wage rather than a minimum one which is always a positive!

Budget Your Money

Following on from the last tip, it’s crucial to sit down and to create a budget, then you’ll have a good idea of how much money you’ll need. Of course, budgeting is no fun at all, but it has to be done! As well as keeping money aside for food, drinks and accommodation you need to budget for your tuition, health insurance, transportation, books, travel and activities. Yes, you will probably be able to find a job once you get settled but you need to initially have all the money you’ll need for the term, just in case.

There are Plenty of Study Options

Australia is one of the largest countries on earth. Consequently, there are all sorts of different places you can study there. One of your big decisions will be whether you wish to attend classes in a rural or urban environment. Thinking about this, it’s a particularly good idea to compare universities and to look beyond the big cities if you wish. Where you study really depends on the options open to you in each place as well as on where you’d enjoy living. Daily visits to the beach do sound very inviting!

Go Sightseeing at the End of Term

We completely understand that you will be desperate to get out there and to see everything that Australia has to offer. However, if you can, you’re best waiting until the end of term to plan any trips. Think about it. By then you will have met some good friends you can invite to come along with you. Travelling in a group is cheaper than on your own and it’s certainly a lot more fun!

Find Out About Local Driving Laws

If you drive, you may be thinking about hiring a car to drive around the country. Before you do anything, check out the local traffic rules just to be on the safe side. It’s crucial to remember that Aussies drive on the left side of the road. Another important rule to know is that you cannot use your mobile phone while you’re driving. It’s also important to note that driving at dusk, dawn or at night time is not recommended due to the risk of animal strikes.

You’ll Have Lots of Opportunities to Make Friends

When you’re studying in Australia, you’ll notice that you have a totally different mindset to the one you usually have when you’re at home. You’ll consequently be more open than ever to meeting new people. If you decide to live in student halls, it’ll be especially easy to make lots of friends. Even if you live somewhere else, you’ll still meet plenty of new people in your classes!

Do As Much As You Can When You Get The Opportunity

One regret we hear from people who have found opportunities to study in Australia for international students is that their time in Australia flew by so quickly. Now that you know, you can prepare to make the most of your own time in the country. Do, see, experience and enjoy as much as you possibly can!

If you have been thinking of coming to Australia to study, why not let us help you to take the next steps? Just book a free, no-obligation chat with an Education Agent who will advise you, answer all your questions and will aid you to advance your education and career prospects.

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