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Two-Year Working Visas for Talented Indians Under 30

Australia and India have agreed on a groundbreaking mobility deal, fostering the exchange of students, researchers, and skilled professionals between the two nations.

The Australia-India Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement aims to facilitate the seamless movement of students, graduates, researchers, and business people, while also tackling irregular migration. The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early Professionals Scheme specifically caters to aspiring individuals from India, offering them unique pathways to showcase their skills and expertise.

According to reports from local media, the agreement enables Indians under 30 with essential skills and strong English proficiency to qualify for two-year working visas without the need for job offers or confirmation of further studies. Initially, the program will have an annual cap of 3,000 places, as mentioned in The Australian.

The establishment of a dedicated center in Parramatta, Greater Western Sydney, strengthens the collaboration among governments, industry, academia, and the community, fostering innovation and shared prosperity.

The bilateral discussions covered diverse areas such as trade, investment, green energy collaboration, and the opening of Consulate-Generals. This paves the way for deeper engagement and enhanced regional security.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit has reinforced the enduring friendship between Australia and India, offering tremendous opportunities for trade, investment, cultural exchange, and closer ties between the two nations.

The agreement recognizes the invaluable contributions of the Indian-Australian community and seeks to foster stronger connections between the two countries. Let’s celebrate our shared values and embrace cultural diversity!

With India’s ambitious goal to educate 500 million students by 2035, Australian universities have a pivotal role to play. This partnership opens doors for collaboration, research, and knowledge exchange, benefiting both nations.

The agreement aligns with Australia’s focus on strengthening ties with India, maximizing economic opportunities, and addressing skill shortages. Universities across Australia wholeheartedly support the government’s commitment to deepening ties with India. Through education and research collaboration, we are paving the way for a brighter future and mutual prosperity.

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