Seamless Transition for Continued Learning

Active Study provides expert assistance in transitioning from a Graduate Visa to a Student Visa, enabling recent graduates in Australia to continue their educational journey.

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Extend Your Stay for Academic Excellence

Transitioning from a Graduate Visa to a Student Visa opens doors to further educational opportunities in Australia. At Active Study, we guide graduates through this process, ensuring they can seamlessly continue their studies and achieve their academic goals. This transition not only extends your stay in Australia but also provides a pathway to enhance your qualifications and career prospects.

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For Graduates Seeking Academic Advancement

Our Graduate Visa to Student Visa transition service is ideal for those who have recently completed their studies in Australia and wish to further their education. Whether you are looking to specialize in your field, shift your career focus, or pursue higher education, Active Study ensures that your transition is smooth and tailored to your academic aspirations.

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Expertise in Graduate to Student Visa Conversion

Active Study stands out as the right choice for your visa transition needs due to our extensive experience in Australian education and migration. Our team’s expertise in handling visa regulations and deep understanding of the Australian education system makes us uniquely equipped to guide graduates through their visa transition, ensuring compliance and a successful outcome.

Why Choose Active Study?

Expert Guidance

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of Australian education and migration laws provides personalised solutions, ensuring your goals for residency, career advancement, or extended time in Australia are met effectively.​

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Personalised Plans

We focus on your end goals, offering reverse-engineered strategies to tailor your study and migration pathway. Our customised plans align perfectly with your individual study and life aspirations.

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Complete Support

From course enrolment to visa applications, we manage every detail with precision. Our commitment to you extends beyond visa approval, offering continuous, reliable support throughout your Australian journey.

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Streamlined Processes

Save time and avoid confusion with our efficient, streamlined approach. We handle the complexities of immigration law and course enrolment, making your journey to studying in Australia seamless.

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Proven Expertise

Our experienced team, including registered migration agents and education consultants, ensures you receive the highest quality advice and support for your educational and migration goals.

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Ongoing Assistance

Enjoy ongoing, responsive support from our dedicated Study Consultants. We’re invested in your success, ready to assist with any education or migration-related matters during your stay in Australia.

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Tailored Advice for Your Educational Path

If you are a graduate considering further studies in Australia, Active Study is here to help. We offer personalized advice and comprehensive support for transitioning from a Graduate Visa to a Student Visa, addressing your individual needs and ensuring a smooth transition into your next academic phase.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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FAQs About Transitioning from Graduate Visa to Student Visa

Transitioning requires enrolling in an eligible academic course and meeting the criteria for a Student Visa, which our team can guide you through.

It allows you to pursue further studies in Australia, providing an opportunity to gain additional qualifications and enhancing your career prospects.

Yes, there are work limitations on a Student Visa, and we will provide detailed information on your specific conditions.

Absolutely, we provide end-to-end support, from course selection to visa submission, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Absolutely, we provide end-to-end support, from course selection to visa submission, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Contact us promptly, and we’ll expedite the transition process to ensure you maintain your legal status in Australia.

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Take the first step towards a brighter future in Australia with Active Study. Let’s turn your study and migration goals into a successful reality.

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